Get All in one ERP for Chit Fund Business

CHITCARE can give you instant, up-to date Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Statements, Ledger and information on Outstandings, i.e., Town-wise/Zone-wise/Agent-wise. All there will lead to full utilisation of man-power, quality and accuracy in information and image among subscribers..

ChitFund Terminal has been exclusively designed for Chit fund collection activities. It has dot-matrix printer unlike other terminals, which carry thermal printing. Collections will be easier with this. We can transfer outstanding list from Chitfund for respective executive by connecting it to computer.

Enter the password to login to menu. Click on Enter receipt and enter the required group and ticket no., it will show the outstanding and we can enter the receipt mode like cash or cheque and enter amount. Click on save and it gets printed.

At the day end, collection terminal can be connected back to Chitcare computer and transfer receipts to Chitcare. It saves time and no data entry is required at office. It improves accuracy of data and process becomes easier for collection executives.

Feature Details

  • Company Commission
  • Dividend Earned On Own Chits
  • Bid Payable
  • Dividend Payable
  • Subscription Refunds
  • Credit Balances In Closed Series
  • Chit Subscriptions
  • Arrears From SF Subscribers(Running)
  • Arrears From SF Subscribers
  • Termination Of Chits
  • Commencement Of Chits
  • Member Account Analysis
  • Bid Offer details
  • Dividend Statement
  • Monthly Minutes Register
  • Turnover Statement
  • Company Investment Statement
  • Newly Commenced Auction Turn Over
  • Terminated Auction Turn Over
  • Vacant Chits
  • Daily Collection
  • Collection Register
  • Monthly Collection Analysis
  • Cheque Collection
  • Area Wise Collection
  • Route Wise Collection
  • Member Receipts
  • General Receipts For Cash
  • Bid Offer Letters
  • Member Removal
  • Member Transfer
  • Bid Payments
  • Bad Debts & Credits Declaration
  • Re-allotment
  • Penalties
  • Bid Adjustment

Benefits of selecting Mobile Based ChitFund Business Plan

  • CHITFUND is so simple and easy to understand
  • Comprehensive Software Solution for Chit Fund Management
  • New Generation software solution – offers great flexibility, transparency, and complete control.
  • Latest Technology – allows direct interaction with customers, online auctions, SMS integration, Collection Terminals and mobile connectivity.
  • Complete synchronization of the data of branches online and generation of reports across branches instantly
  • All these will lead to full utilization of man- power, quality and accuracy in information and image among subscribers.

Benefits of Selecting Fast Expo MLM Recharge Software

  • We provide complete ongoing service support to our clients as a regular part of the company’s commitment to our customers. What’s more to their advantage, our clients have been pleasantly rewarded with our experience while dealing with the Company.
  • Responsive software.
  • ChitFund is well known to be as best online chit fund software among all of the other products/li>
  • Hassle free.
  • The software is designed with comprehensive research.
  • Cutting-edge technology with robust software make us entirely different in the market.